Focus start position


Hello to everyone,
recently i started to use SGP (why i didn’t know this program years ago :slight_smile: ) but i do, have a question about focus routine.

I use OSC camera and i don’t have filter wheel.

Right now, before sequence start, i use “GoTo” in Focusing section for focuser to reach roughly “on focus” position, and then start AutoFocus routine.

Is there a way to configure SGP so, after i start sequence, SGP automatically move focuser to “start” position (from 0 to set position) and perform Autofocus? (some kind of Autofocus start position).

I hope you will understand what i have in mind :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.


Not that I am aware of. Typically my focuser will be in whatever the last postion that was in focus and it is close enough.

If I have to move the focuser for storage or whatever I make a note of the in focus position or make some sort of index mark. Then I dis-engage the focuser and rack the focuser in manually.

Next set up I rack to focuser out to the index mark and re-engage the stepper.

Usually close is close enough for a start position.


Thank you for an answer.
I do exactly as you said it, but i thought that SGP (as a almost automatic acqusition program) has this feature.

Thank you again.


The driver that comes with your autofocus system may allow you to do something similar to what you are asking for. For example, my MoonLite driver lets me store a preset that the focuser goes to when powering up.


Yes, kind of. But it also requires a filterwheel at the moment. I guess you could use the Manual Filter Wheel and then in the Filters >> Define Filter List you could setup your single “clear” filter and set the focus position there. That will allow you to then go to the Focus Tab and “Focus for Clear” which will move to that position.

Kind of a hack and likely more annoyance than it’s worth. But that might get you what you’re after. It’s not automated though. You’d have to manually click the button before running the sequence.



Thank you very much for explanation.


Hey all,
I’d like to see SGP incorporate a feature which will allow the focuser to move from zero, out to a predefined position ready for auto focus to run. Maybe it could be added to the list of ‘Things to do’ Jared ???