Focus temp not showing in module


We had this topic before (I think) but it has been so long ago, I will start anew.

I have little doubt that what I am seeing is because I have changed equipment recently but it may not be the full cause of the change I noted…so putting it up here in case it is a bug.

I have a StickStation that shows up temp, pressure, humidity in the environment data window…no problem. You can see that on the screen shot. That window also shows external data (Wind, cloud cover etc that come in via internet). These values are read via the Ascom Observing Conditions Hub.

The problem is that the Temp reading does not show up in the Focus Control window even though in the settings, I have selected to “use environment device for temperature input”.

It worked before as I used a Robofocus controller to control the Robofocus Motor. Now I control that same motor via a Mount Hub Pro. Is this the reason for the Temp not showing in the focuser module? I would have thought since it was in the environment module…it would cross read to the focuser module.
Just further…I see in the fits headers that “Temperat” reads correctly but “Foctemp” reads at -500.

Thanks for any help on this…especially if others with Mount Hub Pro have the temps reading correctly.
(If any other logs etc would help…I can go check/generate them).


Thought about this a little more and can probably answer my own question:

I guess it is the focus controller that reads the output from the environment device and the the focus module reports what the controller has for the Temp reading. If the controller does not read temp (as this doesn’t) then the focus module will not show any temperature in that window.

Is that it?