Focuser Minimizes behind SGP need help please

I know this is not directly related to SGP, however, I am sure someone will be able to help.

In this link is a 1 minute video showing the problem I am going to describe below:

nStep Focuser not Minimizing

What happens is when I click on “the wrench” to open up the focuser ascom settings (Normally when I connect all it opens on its own… I did it this way for demo purposes) when I go to minimize the focuser window it DOES NOT minimize to the task bar. It moves off the screen towards the bottom left.

When this happens, I cannot minimize SGP or close SGP. I need to go to the task manager and physically close the ascom nStep. Hitting the windows key or any other method I can think of will not allow me to access the nStep thus regaining access to SGP.

It is frustrating due to accidentally hitting minimize during an imaging session and everything locks up at that point. I know that there is a solution. Google is difficult at times to narrow down a specific problem or topic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is a common issue in .net… obviously, we can’t modify the nStep driver code, but I can say that, over the years, we have had to do some crazy stuff to prevent this from happening… My advice would be, that, on the “window show” event handler to “Activate” the form. This is the method that has produced the most reliable results for us. Feel free to reach out to nStep with this…

When I woke up today I felt intelligent LOL looking for the Window Show Event Handler in .NET 4.8 I now have a new self awareness about me :astonished:

@Ken, All kidding aside, I do appreciate you taking the time to answer with your suggestion. For now I think I feel safer just leaving the nStep focuser window active and take my chances. I doubt that Leon at Rigel Systems would be of help with this issue. I will keep searching about the 4.8 framework and see what happens.

Thanks again sir for your help and replying!