Frame and mosaic wiz - I'm doing SOMETHIING WRONG


I love using this - but obiously I’m doing something wrong.
Although I lose the current sequence, I also close all image tabs to start clean.

I call the target in F and M wiz. I set the rotation and frame. I tell it to create target and it does. I then need to set my file area. D:\ (I enter in the new dir).

done - and save.

I then CLEAN THE FILE (IMAGE) and sequence and I start to create another. I did this with around 7-8 targets each saved under it’s own target name and now when I go to load them.

I get ALL the images of all the F and M wizard targets appearing into each of the SEQ I created. Even the path is wrong (to yet another target path) even thought I paid carefully attention to not make an error.

What am I doing wrong? Even though I got into SEQ manage seq file and delete the images, and resave things still get messed up. I KNOW when I created the target frame and sequence that the target was the ONLY IMAGE when I saved.

I’ve created all sorts of targets this way and now that I’m done I have a hobbled up mess of doc files with targets and directories that aren’t right. It’s SO frustrating.


I’ve also seen some examples of multiple targets in one SEQ doc file. (why?) should all my targets be in one seq document file? Maybe that’s the problem Im’ having when I go to load a new target and my camera cooler TURNS OFF? I’m obviously missing something.


It’s still happening. I’ll create a frame and focus sequence and when I load it the next time it’s got non relevant photos and data. Doesn’t mater how careful I am. Something goes weird.


What do you mean you “CLEAN” it? You should be able to “Create new sequence from profile” which will clear the mosaic image, but it will still show up as an open image initially. Closing SGP and reopening that sequence should not have it though.



I’ll do more tests - it just appears and shocks me - like I know I did that right… but cloudy in MICHIGAN until spring. = (


Hey just a shot in the dark here… Go to the Menu bar “Sequence->Manage Sequence Files” And remove the images you don’t want. This is for an existing sequence if you keep reusing it.