Frame & focus problem


I am having trouble with the frame & focus module in SGP: whenever I take a capture in this mode, it looks as though the image is ruined (see fit file attached):
as if there are clouds across the image or something else obstructing the sensor. I spent ages taking the equipment apart and looking for the problem. However it doesn’t seem to be a hardware problem since images captured with Artemis Capture are fine.
Also If I take a capture using the sequence module (rather than a quick frame & focus capture), then it’s working properly (see another fit file: . What am I missing? Is there a setting that I accidentally enabled that causes it?
I am using Atik 490EX camera and Windows 10.
Thanks, gfa


I am not familiar enough with your specific camera to know all of its settings. You did not include a log so I can’t inspect it for certain items… either way the only difference between frame and focus capture and sequence capture is that FF supports “fast download”, but only if your camera provides this option. If it does support fast download and you have this option checked in the camera tab, then this is definitely something capable of introducing odd artifacts like you are seeing (usually from fast buffer wipes or something similar).


Many thanks. This will probably be it. I did have fast download checked.
I will try and uncheck ik and report back. thank you, gfa