Frame & Mosaic Wizard: Can't create a Sequence


Hi guys

I’ve just started the trial period for SGPro and am very impressed with all the features of this amazing piece of software. I’m yet to actually put it to use, but clear skies are forecast here for a few hrs tonight so i’m hoping to have a trial run to see if i can get everything working.

I can connect everything up just fine (HEQ5Pro, Nikon D5300 on a SW 80ED w FF, and a QHY5 on a Finder-Guider) and i’m trying to use the FMW to create a target and sequence, but i’m having a couple of issues:

  1. I’m using a Samsung N220 netbook, and it seems the FMW window is too big to fit on the netbook’s screen. Even if i hide the windows taskbar i still cannot see the bottom of the Wizard pane (see attached screen grab):

  2. I can fetch a target just fine, but when i draw the box and frame it just how i like, when i try to create the sequence nothing happens (note, as i can’t see the Create Sequence button, i have to highlight the 2nd Camera Tiles box and press Tab then Enter to try and select it). I’ve been through all of the help info, and it looks like another window is supposed to pop up but it never does.

Can anyone help? I’d really like to get this fixed in time to test it out later.
Thanks in advance!


So the tab order needs to be fixed on that form. But if you select the “entire field” option then hit tab you’ll be on the “Create Sequence” control and you can then hit enter to create the sequence.

What is the resolution of your netbook? That window is <700 pixels high. So guessing your vertical resolution is around 600 pixels?

We recommend a minimum of 768 vertical pixels for SGP. I think you may be under this which is why the form won’t fit.



Thank you! I’ve just checked and your solution works :smiley:
The netbook’s resolution is 1024x600, so yeah less than 768 vertically. It’s slow as heck, but it’s portable, has 3 USB ports and has amazing battery life so it’s perfect for imaging. Perhaps in the next releases you can resize the FMW window to fit in such cases?


Unfortunately, probably not any time soon. I think the better solution would be to make these sections collapsible and that would take a good deal more work.