Frame Numbering Bug?


Hi again Guys.

We’re having an unusual spell of clear nights here in the UK, so I’m giving SGPro and my kit a good old shakedown for the first time in ages.

Tonight, I’ve had a flawless start- up and run of Event 6 of a sequence acquiring 15 half hour Ha subs of NGC 7635.

I’ve left this running completely unattended, just watching on GNS2 Beta and the occasional TeamViewer view.

Anyway - when I checked how things were going after about 6 hours of integration time, SGPro reported that it was only integrating frame 4 of the 15.

To my relief, I found that I had actually acquired the correct number of files, but the numbering had jumped from frame 9 back to frame 2. I’ve attached a log and screenshot of my folder view.

sg_logfile_20161203222159.txt (556.6 KB)

This isn’t a big issue because the time makes the file names unique, but it did make me jump up a bit so I’d be interested in what you think it might be.

Thanks again for a great piece of software.

Kind regards




That is an odd issue for sure… I’m guessing that since you were just out to check on things, you didn’t override the progress of that event by double clicking the fraction in the event row? Just need to verify this because otherwise, it seems like it might take a bunch of time to dig up.

Did you interact with SGPro in any way at all when you came out to check?

SGPro will never overwrite data in any case. Even if your file names were not unique, SGPro would make them unique so you never lose data… Just mainly worried about all the wasted time capturing unwanted data.


Hi @Ken

Thanks for coming back to me on this

No - I didn’t do anything at all. I checked at about 0500hrs and found the problem had occurred at between 0331hrs and 0407hrs when SGP was doing its thing unattended.

When I checked at 0500hrs, the Big Status, the Scheduler progress bar, the status update message and GNS were all showing that Image 4 of 15 was being integrated - as opposed to image 12 of 15 as expected . I just checked what files were showing in MS File Explorer and opened a couple of them in Pixinsight to see if they were ok (they were).

After that, I just let SGP carry on and wrote the post on your forum. I closed everything down successfully after frames 5 & 6 (13 & 14) had completed at about 0630hrs.

The weather has now returned to the normal UK grey clag so it might be a while before I can try to repeat the problem. When the weather cooperates, I’ll get back to let you know how it goes.

Incidentally - the other issue that I posted on another thread about “Serialize” didn’t occur that night - I had “Email” notifications turned off, GNS turned on and autosave sequence turned off. …so apart from this odd numbering issue - I had a perfect night of imaging …and even got some sleep!!!





In that case, I think I have an idea… will report back soon.



Just thinking about this - the event in question was Event 6 (i.e. an event that I added to the default five events in a sequence). This is the first time that I’ve added an event…and the first time this numbering issue has arisen. Possible link there maybe???




I am almost 100% sure I have found the issue and corrected it. I was never able to reproduce it, but I can see how it could happen in rare circumstances if the timing was just right.


Thanks for the update Ken!

Glad you found the problem.

Kind regards