Framing and Mosaic Wizard Problems


Hi Group,

I’m not able to follow Jared’s video tutorial without running into problems.

My home Computer is a Dell W7, 64bit, about 1 1/2 years old. My Internet is supplied by satellite. My observatory computer is an old Dell Vista 32bit, and I believe it suffers the same problems as the home computer. If you have specific questions on either, I can root those out.

Step 1:
This step now brings up the lagoon image as shown in “Framing and Mosaic Wizard - First Fetch”. However when I first started working with the utility a few days ago, all that would come up was a blank screen (white image). After several tries, it started coming up with the lagoon image. Now it seems to respond every time I query.

Step 2:
I put in Jared’s Scale of 1.350 to make the test as similar as possible. See “Framing and Mosaic Wizard - Rotate and Frame”

Step 3:
From “Framing and Mosaic Wizard - Rotate and Frame”, I right clicked on the center between tiles 1 and 2 and left clicked on “center here”. The result was a white screen as shown in “Framing and Mosaic Wizard - Center Here and Fetch” (identical to what I described under Step 1).
After trying this several times (maybe 20), I got the image to center itself once, but I could not make it act properly again.

I’ve included the SGPro ( log file if this will help.

Any suggestions on what I need to change for my setup?

Thanks for your help,


The white screen thing is just an image stretch. You just need to drag the white point slider to the right:

Once you do that the image should appear as normal.

Every time you redraw or re-fetch the image, they white point will reset and you’ll need to move the slider again. I don’t know why this happens, but again it’s just a simple screen stretch.




Thanks a lot.



New Problem. Twice now my mosaic sequence fails to advance to the next panel. I.E. a 3 panel mosaic will take all the images in the first panel just fine but when it finishes panel 1, it aborts the sequence and parks the scope without advancing to the next panel. After I unparked the scope, cool down the camera, center the target and start on the second panel, it completes the second just fine and advances to the third panel wihout any problems. This has happened on two separate Mosaics.

Thanks for the help,

Problem starts around 11:06:58 pm when she switches to panel 2


This is a known issue corrected in the beta (available for download now).


thanks Ken.