Framing and Mosaic Wizard - remember FoV


Hi Jared and Ken,

Whenever I run the F&M Wizard I first select my profile, then I have to set the FoV to a value appropriate to that profile. It always defaults to 4.0 degrees so every time I select a profile I have to input my FoV number for that profile. It would be great if SGP could remember the value I entered (per-profile) so I don’t have to keep entering it over and over again every time I run the F&M Wiz.



I’ll go for that too Andy


Ya… this is less of a technical problem and more of an organizational one. We need to give some consideration to profile-ish settings that seem not to fall cleanly into one area.

For now, I added FoV to the global settings. It will be whatever you set it to last time.