Gain and binning gain & e-/adu


Oh no. Should I make a thread on the Bug section for this?


Post it in the feature request category. Only devs can post in the bugs category.

Bug: Gain and Offset are not copied when event is copied

Actually, my experience is that it does indeed use the gain last used by an event. I would love to have it behave such that if not set it uses the setting defined in the driver. That way, for instance, I would leave all the RGBL settings unset so it would use the driver settings. Then for NB it could set it.

It really should be a column on the Event line so it is trivial, quick and obvious that it has been set and what its value is.


Hmm, if that’s the case then I’m guessing there’s a difference between how this is handled with a QHY163M vs. how ZWO cameras are handled. With my QHY163M if the gain parameter is “not set” it will revert back to the driver setting. But that’s with the QHY ASCOM driver.

So it must be that the ZWO native driver just uses the last settings and not what is configured in the driver settings.


Just ran a quick test on my setup.

First event uni gain
Second event “hi gain”
Third event, not set.

When it got to the third event it reverted to the driver default settings of uni gain (139/21)


Same as ulterior here. It reverts to whatever was set at the driver level for me as well. Though for my test I just randomly picked a number of 27 gain since it’s not one of the presets for the driver level.

Side note: anyone willing to share personal experience what has worked for your ZWO camera vs what has not? I’ll go : with my 1600mm-cool I’ve tried so many different things that my brain hurts when I think about it. In general I usually see two methods recommended. A lot of short exposure high gain subs vs a small number of long exposure low gain subs. Each has been argued to death on other forums.

My experience has been this: I tried a series on Bode’s Galaxy of 360 x 10 sec Lum at “lowest read noise” (300 gain) and then again I did 30 subs of 60 sec Lum at Unity Gain (139) [note did not try HDR zero gain]

I processed it all in PixInsight. After image integration I thought the 360 sub version had more artifacts and noise than the 30 sub version and it took a lot longer to process that many subs. I should have kept the data for further testing but I deleted because of how much space that was eating.

I was wondering if others had the same experiences? I have read everything from “don’t use gain zero use 75” to “the camera is unstable under 0.2 sec exposure” (which I fail to see how that can Be the case, as something to try I used it to shoot some planetary video and managed 70-90fps out of it).

Sorry for the digression, I guess I’m just swimming in opinions and I have yet to feel like I have things completely “dialed in”.