Gain NOTSET_offset NOTSET in file


since the last update .169. (with the %co fix) .My file name is not picking up the Gain anymore. and not showing new offset. I was getting the gain before.
I use a QHY168c w/ascom.
I have always just set the Gain and offset in the ascom drv window. and the Gain would show in file name.
I would leave Gain unset in the Equip/Profile/Camera/ Gain(Value and e-/ADU) Box.
I would leave it at “Link CAM”
after adding .169update no gain in file name (i see info in FITS)
I tried setting Gain in the Camera window after notice missing file name. But no Love…
also after setting Gain in Camera box. I can no longer choose LINK CAM.
option isn’t there only NOT SET. or Gain numbers. My other profiles still show the LinkCAM.
Am I missing a New Setting ?


No, I’ll look into addressing this.