Gemini 2 SGP Plate Solve to Build Model



I have been trying to build a model on Losmandy Gemini 2 using the plate solve feature in Sequence Generator Pro with little success. The general workflow I have been using is:

  • Turn on Gemini, select Cold Start and get to the arrows on the hand controller.
  • Connect Sequence Generator Pro with Gemini.NET.
  • Turn on the option ‘Sync does additional align’ in Gemini.NET. I feel confident that I am doing this correctly, because when I revisit the setting its still checked.
  • Use the arrows on the hand controller to move to a random part of the sky.
  • Use the Solve and Sync function in SGP.
  • The software solves with 100% confidence and says its synchronized.
  • I repeat several times with different parts of the eastern sky. (trees and house blocking west)
  • Try a Goto with pathetic results :slight_smile:

Some general info.
-Running the gemini version of firmware that came out in August 2016.
-Sequence Generator Pro
-Using local plate solver

-Polar Aligned with PoleMaster
-Date/Time/Location are accurate.

I feel fairly certain that I am doing something wrong or missing a step or five. Any help would be much appreciated.

Scott Klein


Allow me to not answer your question :slight_smile:
Since you are using SGP I’m assuming that you are imaging. For imaging purposes a pointing model is totally unnecessary with the Gemini2. In fact, when I had a G11 G2 I found that having a model actually was detrimental at times and sometimes the gotos were way off. SGP will plate solve it’s way to your target, usually within 2-3 plate solve iterations, without a pointing model.

What I did with the G11 was:

  1. Power up (Cold Start) and connect the mount in SGP
  2. Slew to some random part of the sky, usually in the east
  3. Do a solve and sync (I did NOT select “sync does additional align”)
  4. Run the sequence.

No problems whatsoever.


I don’t even do a solve and sync. I cold boot and just let blind failover figure it out. I haven’t built a model in years.


Thanks for the quick response, seems too easy. I’ll give it a whirl next
clear night.

Once you did the sync, where you able to use the goto function on the hand
controller? If not, how do you tell the mount where to go.

I am still learning, so apologies if dumb questions.




You can use GOTO from a cold start and without any type of alignment or syncing.

They’re not stupid. I would’ve thought I was crazy 3 Years ago.


Thanks for your help!


As a tip, DO NOT SYNC when you’re pointed very near the pole or at CWD position…bad things happen.

I have a Gemini 1 on my G11. Here is my startup procedure:

  • Cold start in CWD
  • Use SLEW and CENTER on targets in SGP (slew will always happen first)
  • Disable the option for “Sync performs Additional Align”

As long as the Gemini has an accurate Location and Time you’ll be all set. Easy Peasy.

Also I haven’t had my hand controller connected to my G11 in about 4 years :slight_smile: (about the only reason I haven’t updated to the Gemini 2!)



Thank you Jared. It seems way to easy peazy…I’ll give it whirl the next time the sky lets me.



That is definitely the root cause of my model being corrupted every time :smiley:

If you always force a slew and a center… it won’t happen. And, I don’t use my HC on the G2 anymore either :smiley:



Going back through posts about improving pointing and plate solving accuracy on a G11 2. I have been using the hc model then syncing which is apparently not the best method. However when I do a cold start as indicated, then slew, then solve and sync, then attempt to goto other objects, the mount slews no where near the target.
I can never get my plate solve accuracy below 125 btw.
Not sure what I am doing wrong.