General Freeze situation running Auto focus

Hey all,
I was having a play with the new .335 build trying this & trying that. I then came across a problem which appeared to freeze SGP completely requiring Windows task manager to shut down the App.

Before going any further I am fully aware it was my fault and not SGP’s but as a result of my own error SGP seemed to freeze solid with no way to escape the situation.

I connected the equipment ‘simulator’ from the Focuser drop down box, set the bits and pieces and connected (also had the Camera simulator V2 connected also). Cutting a longer story short, ensure the focus position is at Zero (this was my accidental mistake) and hit ‘Run’ on the ‘Focus Control’ module.

Initially the focus display box does not appear which was not normal to start with, after a delay it eventually did and it looked like this and stayed like this:


This image with ‘Wait…’ in the middle button was after attempting to cancel the operation and it stayed like this forever until a forced stop of the application was executed.

In the Log it showed the following as a quick snippet:

[11/02/19 09:49:36.543][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Auto focus: setting filter None
[11/02/19 09:49:36.547][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Auto focus running…
[11/02/19 09:49:36.550][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Turning temp comp off…
[11/02/19 09:49:36.556][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Performing Sequence Generator auto focus using Half Flux Radius. AFID: 0
[11/02/19 09:49:36.561][DEBUG] [AfChartThread] Showing AF chart dialog…
[11/02/19 09:49:36.561][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Error in auto focus! Current focuser position does not support required range (currently at 0 and needs to move inward by 120).
[11/02/19 09:49:36.581][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Set temp comp baseline marker -> Temp: 18.825 …
[11/02/19 09:49:36.581][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Auto focus complete…
[11/02/19 09:49:36.586][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] SGM_FOCUSER_AUTO_FOCUS complete…

No point in attaching the whole log as the cause is obvious (this is where I realized I had the focuser still at zero and SGP was trying to move it ‘IN’ by 120 steps)

The main issue here is that this accidental situation left SGP in an unresponsive state with no way to regain control except for a forced stop…Not Good !

I also reloaded .330 in case it was an issue introduced in build .335 and it does the same there so this is a common situation/exception which could catch anyone out.

Maybe when the Auto Focus procedure starts SGP could check the position of the focuser and if it’s ‘initial move’ can not be done (like in this situation) it can stop the whole process and put up a general message box telling the user what the problem is ? ? ?


Bumping this Thread, applicable in latest .343 build too

Thx. These issues have been resolved in betas after

Many Thanks Ken


Ref build .345 and the Auto Focus Running box…

Connected the 'Camera V2 Simulator and the ‘Ascom simulator Focuser Drive’ and
left the focuser at Zero.

Hit ‘Run’ in the Focuser Control Module, after a little over 5 seconds, the following
comes up:


All great so far until I hit ‘OK’

At this point the message disappears but the Auto Focus box stays and that’s it…

Still frozen requiring a forced shutdown of SGP :slightly_frowning_face:

Here’s the Log for this simple run:

sg_logfile_20191107001936.txt (19.8 KB)

Nearly there but not quite, sorry Ken


That’s weird. I can’t reproduce that.

Certainly is Ken,

Try this:

This is the Equipment profile I loaded before doing what I describe above, maybe
it’s something to do with the profile itself. Once SGP’s running, load this profile and
try the sequence of events I posted above.

Fingers Crossed

While we are going all out here, the following shows the drivers settings for both the V2 Camera Sim and the ASCOM Focuser Sim Driver in case that makes any difference:



Here’s Hoping !

OK so another interesting bit of info here…

I’m running this ‘Issue’ on my main PC which has Win 7 Professional 64bit on it, I have just tried .345 on my laptop (which I usually use for imaging), this also has Win 7 64bit on it but ‘Home premium’ this time.

Obviously a slightly different equipment profile here as there is no dome within the profile.

So I did the same as above described, when I fit ‘Run’ on the laptop though, still the delay but ONLY the warning box came up not the Auto Focus Running box :crazy_face:

On clicking ‘OK’ it goes and everything is normal…But !

I clicked ‘Run’ a second time (for some reason) but this time the Focus box appeared with the warning this time, on clicking 'OK, focuser box stayed there and all was frozen like my main PC.

Tried rerunning SGP several times on the laptop since including 1 reboot and the focus box is appearing every time now.



Ok, thx. I am almost certain I have this issue resolved. While hanging is never good, hanging in a sequence is worse and this issue would also hang a sequence…

Well Done that man

Keeping everything crossed


Build .353 YOU SOLVED IT KEN ! ! ! !

Your a genius :star_struck:

Many Regards

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