Ghost image and other features


Hello! First of all I want to thank you for your beautiful software. Made my nights so easy and I actually convinced a lot of people to buy your software as well. Having said that, there are a couple of features that I think would be really nice to have.
1)Ghost image. A way to compare pictures from a previous night with the ones been taken at the moment. That way, when Plate solving is really close, but not perfect, you can still move the telescope just a little bit by comparing the to images in the same window, instead of having to jump from one picture to the other. You should be able to control the opacity, rotation, etc. There’s a feature like this in Backyard Eos and its helpfull.
2) Plate solving offline. I don’t know if this is something that can be implemented, but regardless, it would be really nice. I know about the trick of fetching the images beforehand, but sometimes you’re on the field and you want to see something different of what you’ve planned and you cant. I know about other software (such as AstroTortilla), but would be really cool to have it implemented on the same soft.
3)Docking of the telescope controls. This would be cool, this way you don’t need to rely on other software.
4) Whenever I do plate solving on a precious image, it does not show me my image while making the selecion of the future canvas, but a reference from the plate solving catalogue. It would be nice to have it “pasted” on top of the catalog picture. This way you can see the exact image you took and tell SGPro to reframe it again. Whenever I try to platesolve to continue a session from a previous night I find I can never get a really good aproximation of the plate solving and I think its because you end up telling the software to match something in a catalogue picture instead of the one you took.
5)A liveview for ASI cameras. Would be reeeeaally awsome not having to wait for the image to download when you’re focusing or doing alignment.

Thank you so much, once again and cheers!!!


This is already possible. You can replace the Astrometry solver with a local instance, which is fairly easy to install:

You can also use Planewave’s free PlateSolve2 solver:
PlateSolve2 is not a blind solver like Astrometry, but usually very fast if your mount is almost correctly synced to begin with.

Both are mentioned in the manual, so I suggest you take a gander:


Then something is not working because i’ve installed everything, followed tutorials, read the manual, downloaded the catalogues and still if i loose internet connection it just brings a window up that says Error ok and theres no way around it.


If you have already installed ANSVR, have you also downloaded the
astrometric indexes appropriate for your setup? Also, in the SGP control
panel under the plate solve tab, click on Blind Settings. The End Point
should say “ANSVR: Local”.


I have. Thats why I’ve asked.


If you go to the Windows Start Menu and open Local Solver -> Watch Ansvr Log, what happens or what does the log say? I had a problem with Ansvr at one point, giving me strange errors about fork() etc. The issue went away by uninstalling Ansvr, rebooting the PC and reinstalling.


I think I missunderstood the concept of plate solving. What I meant was that there was no database for fetching objects offline, the solving works fine without bein online, but I wanted to be able to access somekind of database in which I could select an object for the program to find in the sky, instead of doing the old trick of loading it beforehand with an internet connection. Thanks for your replys!!!