GNS problem with latest beta and delayed startup

I just downloaded and installed the latest beta of SGP to get the improvements added to take care of the timer “pause” issue I reported regarding GNS. I frequently set up my equipment and my sequence earlier in the day or evening, and set the target start time to later on, sometimes many hours ahead. In the latest beta, if I start the sequence, a GNS countdown timer is started. However, the timer is set for some short amount of time (like 30 minutes or so) compared to the delay I have set up for my target to start. Since nothing will happen in SGP for hours, the timer expires and the GNS alarm goes off on my iPhone, waking me for no reason. If a countdown timer is started when the sequence starts, it has to be for longer than the anticipated time to the next action in SGP. When the first target startup is delayed for hours, the countdown timer needs to take that into account and be set appropriately.

Yep. We will try to take care of this after the 3.1 release. It needs more attention than just this. The last change only prevents SGPro from pausing. Unfortunately blindly setting the timer to many hours from now also isn’t helpful. We’ll get there…

Gotcha. Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: