Graphic flexibility question



I had been using a 1024x768 res. monitor and it was getting very crowded in SGP with modules, the image arriving, sequence info, etc. I upgraded to a 1920x1080 monitor to get more room on the screen, but it didn’t buy me all that much. I can make the image smaller (i.e. less than 100%) but there is no provision for moving it off to one side. I am also unable to adjust the size of the sequence info. display box. I know I can close stuff but it’s nice to be able to monitor multiple things without having them overlapping. Any recommendations how others handle this or am I missing something regarding re-sizing that would help? Is there a way to move the incoming image off the center of the display? Perhaps a feature request?



You can use the modules to get a lot of information on the screen while the sequencer and the control panel are closed, saving the center area for your images. If you want a large area for your image that’s generally the best way to do it.

I find that I keep the sequencer open and just close it or move it to the bottom to check on the images that are coming in.

Also, do you have font scaling on? Going from 1024x768 to 1080P should give you about 2.7X more screen area when scaled at 100%, that’s pretty substantial.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Jared. I certainly appreciate all the information the modules supply and I have several displayed along the left side of the screen. I do usually close the sequencer and control panel after having set those up and I have also slid them off to the bottom of the screen to prevent them from blocking the view. I have not dealt with font scaling but will look into it. Only issue is, although the monitor has an HDMI input, the computer (Windows 7) has only VGA output.