Guide star and mount communication lost


Gabe, did you resolve the mount communications issue? What version of APCC were you running?

I experiencing this very problem since upgrading to the latest version of APCC Pro and was googling for reports of this issue and found this thread. Could you share with me what you did to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Hi John,
I did have some success with the USB suspend settings. In the end, I revamped my equipment to run off a LAN and used Ethernet where I could. This included the CP4 controller on the mount and my focuser. This led to a much more stable system.

I have since moved on from SGP for acquisition, but still use it for the awesome framing and mosaic planner to get coordinates for my subs.


Hi Gabe,

Thanks for sharing with me what you did to get things to work. Unfortunately switching to a direct wired Ethernet connection was one of the first things I tried and that did not resolve the issue. However, since USB is specified as a fallback, I best look into changing the USB suspend setting. When the problem occurred after switching to Ethernet, it did fail over to trying to connect via USB.

I have a post on ap-gto and will be working with Howard to get to the bottom of this issue. As Ray pointed out to me on the ap-ug there are timeouts for both Ethernet and (fallback) USB connections. While I’ve increased both of those I need to test further to determine if that resolves the problem entirely.

Again, thanks for responding and sharing your experience. It is a helpful to have another data point.

Going forward, I’ll work through the Yahoo user’s group ap-gto for getting support on this issue.
Anyone seeing this thread that wants to follow this issue, look for the following post on the ap-gto group:
"Intermittent issue with loss of communications with mount AP1100GTOAE"

Thanks again,