Guider did not report settle done within 3 minutes



last night SGP aborted the sequnce when I was sleeping.
when I checked SGP logs it says at the time of the termination that the Guider did not report settle done within 3 minutes.

last image captured was at 03:24
the massage “Guider did not report settle done within 3 minutes” was at 03:28:55

I don’t know why that happen, it was after a capturing 129 images (each 120 sec)

help me out please, thanks

Logs for SGP and PHD2:


Looks like PHD didn’t restart for some reason. May be worth enabling recovery so SGP will try more heroic methods of starting PHD2 should something happen.




Your guider settling settings specify that PHD2 should report settling done when the guide error remains below 0.5 pixels for at least 10 seconds.

Your typical combined RMS guide error during the session is 0.54 pixels, so after each dither the system was waiting for a lucky 10s interval where the error happened to stay below 0.50 px.

Your settling settings are far too strict; you safely back that off to, say, 1.0px for 4s.