Guiding failure after meridian flip


I was trying my first fully automated meridian flip last Friday night and everything worked except PHD2 Guiding did a “run away” when attempting to restart guiding.

My meridian flips include camera rotation, auto focusing and centering. When it came time to resume guiding, I could see PHD2 re-acquire the same guide star and the green cross hairs locked on. I switched back to SGP and could see it waiting for the auto guider to settle. When nothing seemed to be happening, I returned to the PHD2 screen and could see the guide star moving off the guide window. I stopped PHD2 and attempted to do a manual recovery several times but all did the same thing. It was 3:33 AM and I was about to close down anyway, so I did.

SGP told PHD2 to flip its calibration. SGP rotated the camera 180 degrees. PHD2 was connected to my rotator.

I believe the three things resulted in the calibration being set backwards causing the guide star to run away in DEC.

I don’t know if the calibration needs to be reversed when the camera is also rotated but if that is the correct thing to do, then possibly having PHD2 connected to the rotator caused PHD2 to do an unnecessary, second calibration reversal when it detected the camera had rotated 180 degrees.

I have put the SGP log and the two PHD2 logs into a drop box:

DropBox Files

The meridian flip starts at [7/2/2016 3:33:55 AM] in the SGP log.



It looks like the dec reversal was caused by this setting being checked:

Try clearing that setting.



Thanks for the info. I will make sure that option is unchecked. Not sure how I missed that one :frowning: