Have the ability to Save and Load Event lists


You might have solved this (I missed your second reply) but the secret is to open the LRGB5mX20 sequence and import your targets to that sequence - do copy events from your dummy target and the save sequence as… (TIP make autosave of sequence is switched off otherwise the autosave will mess up your dummy sequence.) Last night I generated a 12 target sequence with 5 events each in less than 2 minutes - in my case Astroplanner provided the target list via an XML file export. Once you get the hang of it the only limitation is the total number of events as I mentioned earlier.


Thanks again, George. I was importing the LRGB5mX20 to the already opened new target and hoping to copy over the predefined events from it, but it works if I import the new target to the opened LRGB5mX20 sequence and copy over the predefined events to it. It means that I need to save away the new target after it has been created from the framing and mosaic wizard rather than just continuing with it but that’s no great hardship. It would be great though if a simpler mechanism could be considered for a new feature.