Help! One star alignment or not


I’ve been trying to play solve the last two weeks… I’m using ASCOM EQmod for my orion atlas mount… My question is in order to plate solve… do you have to do a one star alignment? It was working very good at one time when I did one star agliment… I stopped doing alignments when I read in a forum you did not need to do star alignments in Sgpro to plate solve is this true??? Thanks


I would do a single star alignment. What you don’t need to do is go through and build an entire pointing model slewing around the sky and sampling multiple points.

But a single star alignment is generally needed for your mount to know where it is at. However you may be able to augment this with a Blind Solve and Sync. But it is unlikely that a normal Solve and Sync would work as your error would be to great.



Awesome thank you very much :+1:t2: