Help please!


Hi there forum! Had a question about plate solving in Sgpro with my camera? I’m trying to use my Zwo Asi224 Color camera for deep sky using plate solving but keeps failing… something about 1 pixel fail… what do I need to do or change to fix this? Using a zwo asi224 camera with a skywatcher quattro 8’ 800mm focal length

Thanks y’all


Can you load an image in SGP, right click and click plate solve… ?


If you go to Control Panel/Plate Solve tab, what are your settings for “Attempt to center:” and “until error is less than xxx pixels”?

We really need a lot more info before we can help. Can you post a log file? (Help menu/open log folder)


I would suggest you take an image and submit it to for them to solve. Once solved you can see your scale in arcsec/pixel that needs to be entered in the Control Panel/Camera tab. In many ways the scale is the most important thing about plate solving.