Help! SGPro


Is there a way I can use EQMod driver for my Atlas mount with SGPro?.. but use PhD2 in ST-4 guiding? I notice I can do a 10min guiding Exposure but in EQMod Pulse guiding I can only do a 2 min guiding exposure… please help anyone?


I am not familiar with either EQMod or the Atlas but there is a box in PhD for “aux mount”. I suspect you could set SGP to control your mount via the driver and then select that driver under aux mount in PhD. Then the guide camera you are using and “on camera” for the other two boxes. “On camera” uses the ST4 and guide cable to guide direct from the guide camera and the “aux mount” gives PhD the needed information coming from your mount.

Really a PhD question, actually.


Thank you very much for that I will give that a try


Why don’t you use ASCOM guiding? EQMOD supports ASCOM guiding. It’s simpler and one less cable (ST-4) to worry about.



Thanks for answering back topbox! I want to use EQMod… I might have the tracking set wrong after 4mins my stars start trailing a little it started after using EQMod


It could be some settings in EQMOD might be incorrect. I am not familiar with EQMOD but I use ASCOM guiding using Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver for my A-P1100 mount and works great.

Make sure that you have EQMOD tracking set to sidereal and guide rate matches to your mount’s guide rate (via hand controller).



Thank you very much for the info I will try that out :slight_smile: