Help with DSLR Image display


Hello, I am new to SGP and are currently trailing the software. I am using a canon 60Da DSLR camera. When I take the images and they are displayed. The image appears to have white and black diamonds displayed. If i view the image in other software (Deep Sky stacker), then the image is displayed correctly and I see stars etc.

Is this because SGP is showing the bayered image?
If so, is there a way to display the debayered image?

I have only just started looking at this software, initial impressions are good, just struggling with this element currently.

any advise is welcome please




Could it be because you are using a trial version so your images processed by SGP will have some limitation set as you are unable to benefit fully from the software as a trial user. If it is any use for you I trialled the software but unable to use it as during the trial period I had nothing but cloud. The software really is a beautiful system that will develop your skills and you will grow with it.


There are no restrictions on trial versions of SGPro. The image looks hashed because it is truly a raw bayer matrix representation of data that came off of the CCD (completely unaltered).


Thank you for the clarification Ken. My ignorance was due to never taking images with my camera due to the consistant clouds during the trial period even with the kind extension given to me by the programmers. Nice to know that SGP plays fair.