Help with SGP Setup for Testing



I am looking for some help in getting my Pulsar obsy up and running and moving towards automated operation.

I am using the latest issue of SGPro with EQMod controlling my EQ8 mount and the Lesvedome ASCOM driver looking after the dome rotation and shutter opening / closing.

I have reached the stage where I am ready to setup and test various operations running under SGP. These are:

1: Dome synchronisation with scope movements

2: PHD2 Guiding

3: Auto Meridian Flips

The problem I have is that to do Test 1, I would like to set up SGP so that it ignores everything except the EQMod telescope and the Lesvedome ASCOM drivers. So, no camera, filter wheel, focuser etc. and preferably no sequence as well. In other words, just to use SGP as a hub that will pass through the relevant ASCOM commands. It will also allow me to do this in the daytime without needing to wait for clear nights.

I am fairly confident that once I can get Test 1 done and everything working the other two tests/setups will be relatively straightforward.

I have tried to do this setup a few times and each time it has failed due to a lack of something or other. Is it possible to do what I want and if so, how?

Thanks for reading.

Regards, Hugh


Hi Hugh,

Break Test 1 down to 3 tests.

1A): Make sure you can control your telescope through SGP

1B): make sure you can control your Dome through SGP

1C): Slave the Dome to the Scope and go back to 1A and move your scope around.

My screen shots do not have the equipment connected - but those are the pages you should be working on. (Obviously my offsets are completely different than yours - but these need to be worked out and filled in for the dome to follow the mount correctly).