Hfr advice


Just an observation about focus and the new advice box after focus!

Having run what I considered to be a good focus curve, and repeated it twice; the advice dialogue box appeared telling me that my focus at hfr 0.70 was outside the expected range.
I just ignored it but I would like to understand why it considered my focus less than perfect.
Any comments appreciated.



Well… I can’t really say without logs, but the general rule is that, based on your AF graph for that run, SGPro has a general expectation of what your HFR should be when you move back to the calculated focus position. When the HFR of this validation is not within 10% of the expected value, a warning is produced. The software is in beta… partly for test of functionality, but also in part to see if the tolerances are too tight or too loose.

This could mean that travel back the focus position was not precise due to backlash or could point to other mechanical issues with the focuser.

If 10% is too tight a tolerance, we can adjust that too.


Thanks for the info Ken, interesting really, if I correctly understand how its working, it seems quite good!
I’m assuming that it looks at the last focus coñfirmation image then compares it to the best focus position achieved!!
It should match perfectly I assume if the focuser is returning to its correct position!



Hi Ken, just thought that i would send the logs to you for this incident, would you consider them and see if you can find an answer for the HFR warning?

not sure which log is appropriate, 3 of them are very small