HFR calculating all stars or just zoom window?


Is the Image History calculating HFR for the entire frame or just the portion in the zoom window?
I don’t want to calculate HFR for all the stars in the frame, which takes forever. I only need the stars I’m trying to use for focus.


Yes. As of now, Auto Focus and Image History have nothing to do with one another.


I’m not trying to auto focus. I’m trying to manually focus by using the Image History tool to calculate HFR and manually adjust the lens focus for the lowest HFR.

The problem I have is the HFR calculations take way too long for this method to be practical. The ideal solution I’m suggesting is to only calculate HFR for the stars in the view/zoom/window/crop.

I’m using a 55mm focal length (wide field of view), which might be why I’m experiencing this more than others using SGP.



Yes… I’m fully aware of the problem. Just letting you know the current state of things. You are welcome to make a feature request.