High Speed download + Auto Focus


I realize this is an intentional decision but auto focus won’t use HS download if the option is selected. Just wondering if you’ve done some tests and/or has shown to be way too unreliable to “trust” during AF runs? Looking at my ‘frame and focus’ frames captured manually, they seem pretty useable at least visually. The download time is about 15sec for normal, and 2sec high speed.

I’d like to run AF more frequently but just really eats up a lot of time downloading cumulatively speaking. I’ve considered running AF binned, but not sure that’s a good idea when doing wide-field.

Thoughts? If HS is potentially usable, possibly consider as a feature request…


It was available originally, but we spent so much time on support for bad data, we removed it.


Mileage does vary though… some cameras have “better” quality high speed frames than others. Maybe we will consider adding it back in with a one-time warning.


Thanks for the feedback, Ken, and thanks for considering adding it back. I understand, though, about the supportability issues…


that would be great , so time saving…


Or adding to it. Sometimes slower is faster.


A higher binning is probably a better answer.


Binning is probably better, but my initial concern was for wide field where binning might be problematic (guessing, have tried it). Dark frame subtraction might help, too …