HitecWeather USB unable to connect


SGP will not connect to HitecWeather USB. It says:
Check Driver: cannot create object type of ProgID:ASCOM.HitecWeather.SafetyMonitor
Works well with HitecWeather program
Thanks for help


drcr - I assume the HitecWeather program has a direct connection and does not use ASCOM, just as my AAG Cloudwatcher application does not. If so, this is more likely an ASCOM driver issue.
You can confirm by using the utility that comes with the ASCOM platform installation to connect to the device or run the compliance program on the Hitec Ascom driver. If they pass without issue, we have to look further afield, with log files etc.


Yes, ASCOM diagnostic says its an incompatible driver.
Its newest driver from hitec astro installed along with the program


As I suspected. Not good show if Hitec released an ASCOM driver and didn’t check it first.


No answer from hitec yet… wrote to seller modernastronomy.
would be an ideal solution for my needs if workig…
the sensor has 10° view angle and should tell sgp to stop taking pictures when clouds are inbound and go ahead when clouds are gone :disappointed_relieved:


The first part is true but the latter (restart when it’s clear) is not…at least not true at the moment. I have a change inbound that should enable this but is probably about 2 weeks out depending on the weather and if it actually works. It will likely come out in beta fashion.