How do you move focuser to specific focusing point for color ccd?


Hi Everyone,

I think I got down the process of moving a focuser a specific focusing point for a specific filter in a mono CCD. But, how do you do it when it’s not a filter and it’s a color ccd?

I want to move the focuser to a specific focusing point for the color CCD, then perform autofocus and then start imaging.

Is there a way to set a pre-recorded focusing point for a color ccd? Do I need to set up my color ccd as a lum filter so I can adjust focuser to a specific focusing point before doing autofocus?




Hi Miguel,
I note nobody gave you an answer. I do not use a OSC camera so have no experience with one… but perhaps this might work;

Focus your scope…or put the focuser to the required focus position.
Set the focus position in this window:

Then as when using filters…tick this box:

Like I said - I have not tested this…but maybe it will work.



Hi Kinch,

That’s a good idea. I don’t think there is a way to automated through SGP but through a manual action in the control panel, it should get me there.

I appreciate the answer.