How Do You Set Up QHY 168C CMOS Camera

I am fairly new to astrophotography and Sequence Generator Pro (SGP). I am trying to set up a QHY 168C CMOS camera in SGP but I cannot find the appropriate equipment configuration. I have looked at the Forum and it appears that I need to set it up as an ASCOM camera but I do not see that selection in the Camera drop down box under “Equipment Profile Manager” What should be selected, what other settings need to be made for a CMOS camera. Could you please outline specifically what needs to be done to use this type of camera with SGP. Thanks.

I figured this out. No need to reply or provide help.

It sounds like you need to install the camera ASCOM driver. On the QHY
website, download and install “AScome3InOne” from the camera webpage.

I’m trying to set up a new QHY247C and having the same problem you initially reported. Not seeing the camera and not knowing what to do. Can you help by describing what you did?
Thank you.

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Have you installed both the System Driver, and the ASCOM driver?

Both of the above links come from the QHY247C download page.

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Thanks. I did and am now able to connect.

How did you install the drivers?

Want to install QHY 183M & Starlight filter wheel drivers.

@Sargus, you’ll need to get the ASCOM drivers from the manufacturer’s websites and follow their procedures for installing the drivers. After that the devices will show up in SGP.

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Thank you for the response.

the drivers are loaded on the computer.
the dedicated software for the QHY see’s the camera
the dedicated software for the Starlight see’s the filter wheel

SG Pro , Equipment Profile Manager does not see the drivers?

am i missing a step?

Sounds like you might need the ASCOM drivers for those devices as well. Are that showing up in the ASCOM Profile Explorer?

To clarify the Profile Explorer is not part of SGP but is a stand alone ASCOM application.

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Found the problem

QHY names the driver for the CMOS camera as a CCD driver???

Till next time, thank you for your assistance