How to add an existing sequence to the target list?


How do I add an sequence I have already set up to the target list?

I see add new target but that just gives me a blank worksheet.

Lets say I have a sequence running but I want to add a sequence for M74 which I already have configured. How?

Sorry If I missed it but I looked in the manual and at all the ‘buttons’.


I’m not totally sure what you are saying here, but you may be confusing
some terms. A “sequence file” is the whole .sgf file. So let’s say you
have a sequence file M74.sgf, and another sequence file named M81.sgf
Within each of those sequence files you might have several different

I think what you are asking to do is to merge the two sequence files
together, or open M74.sgf inside of M81.sgf Currently that is not

Or am I completely off base with what you are wanting to do?


Nope, you are right on the mark. Yes I mis understood the logic behind it a bit I suppose.

Still it would be nice to be able to do that so if you started a run and wanted to add another target… oh well.

I guess I have to build the sequence up from scratch. Thanks.


You can add a target to a sequence that’s running… there’s a button “+” to add targets within a sequence… or you can use the framing & mosaic wizard to add a target to the curent sequence…

You can even copy events from a target to another target.

To make it maybe a little bit more clear :slight_smile:

  • a sequence is a container with some properties. You can only have one sequence open at a time (and thus only one running !)
  • within a sequence, you’ve got targets. You can see target as a … target : for exemple : M33. You can have multiple targets in a sequence. Those are ordered. You can force a start and end time for a given target.
  • within a target, you’ve got events, that you can consider as steps of the target : what you will do during this target : for exemple : capture with filter L during 300s in Bin1 and make it 10 times is an event. You could then have another event for each color filter.



Yes I knew I could add a target to a sequence. I was just hoping I could just copy paste one I had already set up including plate solve info, light channels duration and quantity etc.

But I just got through setting up a sequence for tonight that has three targets (M74, M45, and M42) I had plate solves for the first two but used info from Astrobin for the M42. It did not take that long… We will see how it goes.

Hopefully the filter EFW2 wheel will not check out on me… again. Yes it still has issues even with the updated ATIK drivers. But that is another issue.


What I do to avoid problems when I want to add objects to a sequence when I started them in another sequence is that I keep a file in Excel with a tab per target and for each target, I copy the RA and DEC solved with the mosaic and framing wizard. This way I’m sure that even if I loose the sequence file I can re-ecreate it, mix objects of different sequences into a new sequence, and so on…