How to configure two TWO focuslynx focusers?


I’ve added another focuser. (to be on guide scope) or more likely to end up on a 2nd ota with a 2nd camera. How in SGP do I access both units? I see focuser 1 and 2 but they seem to be conjoined?

I just tested and I see I can disconnect in equipment and choose focuslynx 1 and then focus controls that one. Then I can disconnect and choose focuslynx 2 reconnect then focus control handles the other one. But that’s rather cumbersome. SURELY there are provisions for each? If not can this be added?


I don’t think there is any way to control two different focusers from one
instance of SGP. You’ll need to run a second instance of SGP to control
the second focuser. I also have a FocusLynx controller running two
focusers and this is what I do.