How to delete 'FILE Sgf " files


How can I delete an SGF file under the FILE heading??

I have gone to where they are stored and killed them there. But the listing under FILE stays.
There must be a way…


Do a File Open; right-click on the desired file and select Delete.


Thanks for the reply…

Well I clicked on ‘file’ in top left corner of program and went down the the seq files. I right clicked on any one of them and got nothing!!!.

I than went back to top of page and right clicked on ‘file’ and nothong happened.

You said “do a file open”. Did that mean click on ‘file’ in top left corner of program? I presumed show and that is where I went.

It does not work for me. Right click is for something else. Not for opening the file position at top left of program.


Do the File Open menu item. Then when you have the open dialog, search for the tile you want in the file open dialog and RIGHT click on it and select delete.


Yes. That is what I did. Exactly what I did. I went to the top of the page and on the left side (top) there is the ‘file’ menu. I left clicked on it and up came all the data it carries. Including the seq files.

I tried a right click on those files and I get nothing. Right click doesn’t work on anything in that menu. Nothing.

Could it be that you are not saying to go to the top left of the page. And then left clicking on their ‘file’ menu?? But somewhere else.???


I don’t have SGP on this machine so I’m doing this from memory. Is there not an Open menu under File? If so, select Open and you will get a file open dialog. Right click on the file in that dialog.


There is a an open image and open image folder. And if you click that you will end up in the folder where those images are stored.If you delete these files it doesnt get rid of any of the SGF files listed under the file menu.

So perhaps someone else reading this mail can comment on how to get rid of the sgf listings under the file menu. Not the actual files that support these sgf listings. But just these listings…


I just looked at the documentation and there is an Open Sequence… under File. Use that to do the delete of a sequence file. It may not get you to the directory you want but you can change it.


I dont want to delete a sequence file but rather the entry for it. Under the File menu (if you click it) up comes a listing of all your SGF files. I just want to get rid of some of those. If you actually delete the files they relate to by going to the open image folders, it doesn’t get rid of the lisiting…

So how do you get rid of the listings in the File Menu.


There is no way to remove files from that list … it will only show your most recent ones (I can’t recall how many 5-10?).



Thanks Jared. I will stop searching for a way than.