How to open Multiple Fits "Header" files


I’m trying arrange my dark frames by temperature. It’s time consuming.

Does anyone know how to open multiple header files so I can read that header and move the file to a temperature designation (for future calibrating)?



At my side I use other softwares, like CCD inspector for instance, (in auto open mode while imaging).

Load all your files in it then right click, display fits header. Less time consuming, but still

Now there is a tool in SGP which automatically learn the temperature and focuser position, but not used yet.

Also, temperature compensation is not always sufficient nor efficient, it depends a lot on the telescope structure:

  • efficient on refractors, only once the refractor is temperature stable, which could require up to 2 hours or more on big refractors. But once the temperature is stable, temp compensation is more than usefull on such refrators for long exposure times.

  • may be not efficient on miror equiped telescopes, where the optics moves a little bit and are more prone to flexture. The flexture may results in much greater defocus than the temperature effects.

edit : important the temperature effect is mostly linear; I mean the compensation is a simple first order coeficient in mm per °C (or inches per °F…), So you don’t have to take a lot of measurement. Just 2 measurement at 2 different temperatures, at least 10°C between them.
The most important is to take these measurement

  • once the refrator is temperature stable i.e. after 2 or 3 hours of observation
  • always in the same telescope position, to avoid flexture side effects

temperature compensation is very helpfull on large refractors during long exposures, but does not replaces autofocus, which you will still have to run from time to time.,


Would FITS4Win2 Header Data Utility help?


Thanks and I will give it a try.


Thanks and I will use your info.