How To Repeat LLRGBLL over and over


I can’t figure out how to do the following:

I want to be set up SGP to do 2 x 30sec L, then 2 x 60sec R, 2 x 60sec G, 2 x 60sec B. So it would be a sequence of LLRGBLL and have it repeat over and over for as many iterations as I need (lets say 100). Is this possible? I have tried reading through the help files but can’t figure out how to do this


I don’t think there’s a direct way to do what you are asking, however you can get much the same thing by creating 7 events:
Event 1 - L
Event 2 - L
Event 3 - R
Event 4 - G
Event 5 - B
Event 6 - L
Event 7 - L

Set each event to 200 frames, then make sure to choose “Rotate through events” under Event Order. You won’t be taking 2 L and then 2 R etc but you will be getting the same number of frames in the end.


Hey Thanks,

That’s exactly what I was looking for . I guess I didn’t totally understand the “Rotate Through Events” button.