How to run 2 SGP instances that can have their own PHD instances?

Dear community,

Maybe this question has been asked before, or maybe I am trying something impossible.

I got 2 setups (mount, telescope, guiding scope/guide camera and main camera). What I am try to do is to use one computer to control both.

I can run 2 instances of SGP and connecting the devices on two setups correctly. Only thing I didn’t figure out is that I can’t start 2 different PHD instances (with 2 different PHD device profiles of course).

PHD itself supports running multiple instance with the “INSTANCE_NUMBER” parameter. For example, I could start the second PHD instance with “phd2.exe -i 2”. The problem is that it seems SGP doesn’t support this parameter. So if I try to connect PHD from the second instance of SGP, it only reuse the already start PHD process and just swap the PHD device profile.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Is this forum a SGP supporting forum or just a community forum? No response from Main Sequence at all? Basically I just need a Yes or No answer. No takers?

Sometimes stuff gets missed, sorry about that. It is a SGP Support forum.

Yes, this is possible. You’ll need to use the current beta and in the PHD2 Settings for each sequence you’ll need to specify the port for the 2 instances of PHD2: image