How to run End of Sequence


How do I execute an End of Sequence? Last night the seeing suddenly deteriorated so I decided to close up. The sequence had been paused for another action I had chosen. I unchecked the remaining events. I clicked “Resume Sequence”. SGP responded saying there were no remaining events. Did I want to begin the sequence again from the beginning?

That is not what I wanted so I replied, “No”. I then looked for a way to invoke the end of sequence operations but was unable to find one. Is there a way to execute End of Sequence?

In the end I resorted to just manually doing everything the End of Sequence would have done. Is that the only option?



Hi Manning

You need to select the actions you wish to have SGP trigger at the End of a Sequence first, eg park telescope or warm up the ccd. These two options are found in the Control Panel under ‘telescope’ and ‘camera’ respectively (as is the option to stop tracking at sequence end).

With these options selected the End of Sequence options box will appear when your sequence completes. If you have an observatory and slave the scope to the dome or ROR and select the options for closure and parking, these actions will also be triggered at End of Sequence.

In addition, in the Sequencer, under Sequencer Settings you can select ‘Disconnect all equipment at sequence end’ and even opt to run a script.




Hi Barry,
Yes, I understand what End of Sequence can do, and the End of Sequence actions were all already defined. The problem is that there was nothing to trigger the End of Sequence. According to SGP, the sequence had not “ended”. There simply were no more events because I had unchecked them. My only option was to “Resume Sequence” which then presented me with the question, “There are no more events. Do you want to begin the sequence from the beginning? – Yes or No.”

I could not find a way to manually trigger the “End of Sequence.” That is what I am asking this forum to identify. Do you or anyone else know how to manually trigger “End of Sequence”?



I am not near my SGP computer, so I can’t check, but I recall that when you pause a sequence you get the option to end immediately and run the end of sequence actions. Therefore I think that if you had started the sequence again and then hit the pause button this option would have been available to you.


That’s how I have to do it if I stop things for any reason - then subsequently decide to abort completely! (Restart - then Pause/Abort)


Normally that is true. You are correct that typically if I pause a sequence, then I will have options to abort, etc. However, that is true if the sequence is running and I manually pause the sequence by clicking on the Pause button.
However, that is not how the sequence was paused in my case. It was paused by a condition set in an event. The button available to click was “Resume”. When I clicked that, SGP responded with “There are no events remaining. Do you want to restart the sequence from the beginning? Yes or No?”

In other words, there was no “Pause” available. The only option was to restart the sequence at the beginning which I did not want to do because I was trying to shut down for the night. So, I selected “No”. That was a dead end because it left no option to abort. SGP simply sat there “paused”. As a result I performed each of the End of Sequence actions manually and exited SGP.

If you are saying I could have clicked “Yes (restart the sequence from the beginning)” and then clicked “Pause” and then said abort the sequence, it might have worked that way. I did not try it. Does this mean there is no way to directly trigger the End of Sequence?

That seems to me like an obviously desirable function to have. Other functions in SGP, e.g. Autofocus, have a Cancel (or abort if you will) option. However, I could find no comparable function to trigger the End of Sequence. Perhaps it doesn’t exist. If it does not exist, I would ask the developers to add it.



It would be nice to have every feature available from wherever you are, but often this isn’t realistic. Don’t forget that you unchecked all of the remaining tasks, so it shouldn’t be a great surprise that SGP asked if you actually want to restart. It would be nice to have the extra option though.


Hi all, with interest I follow this tread, cause it is even my problem, too. Just the same as Manning I didn’t find a “real execute” a (running) sequence. But I have found a easy way to do that:
I delete the respective Event.