How to set and verify offset for ASI1600mc camera


Hi All,

Previous post deleted since it probably was discussed or is in the works.

I found the ZWO Camera in the camera selection dropdown. Works well to add offset, including multiple ZWO cameras, but has the egain issue which the “double connect” does not correct.

Ray J
SGP V3.0


I’m not sure what the egain issue or the “double connect” is that you’re referring to.



I was having issues with selecting ASI camera(1) or (2) then getting the correct gain and egain (ordered pair) into the fits header. ( I use two ASI cameras so it seemed right.)

The gain was verified to report correct but the egain would only be reliable after a disconnect reconnect cycle, ie the “double connect” work around. Never did figure out how to report offset, but for me, it no longer matters.

I began using the ZWO camera selection which reports gain and offset correctly but the egain is unreliable for me. The workaround is to ignore egain in the fits header, and if needed, look it up based on the gain.

Great product, Nice work.

Ray J


I use SGP and will soon receive an ASI 1600. How to you in practice set gain by event (is there a hidden box somewhere on the events line) ?



Click a Gear in the Event column
Event Settings
Second line from the bottom.
This should over ride the default settings for the camera.
You probably had it figured out by now

Ray J


Got it. Thanks