How to synch the mount when using plate solve 2?


I looked at the manual and it describes plate solving “Solve and synch” when using pinpoint.

Which I though you could point at any region take a pic, plate solve it, and synch your mount.

When I use plate solve 2 I don’t see this option anywhere?

What am I missing?


It’s the same. Take an image, solve it, and it will ask you if you’d like to sync.


Hrm I have seen “Use these results as the reference image for target” and you select a target name.

I do not see any request to ‘synch’. Maybe I over looked it.


Control panel, Plate solve…


Thanks Michel but there is no synch button under that tab when using plate solve 2 which is why I am asking about this.



They are referring to this:


Okay I must apologize.

Evidently those buttons do not show up unless everything is connected.

I’ve got it now works a treat.