How to unpark your mount, maybe by sendig an unpark command to it? zeq25

Do any of you know how to unpark the mount during the session. During the sequence my mount seems to be sending a park command and sgp is stopping. How do I stop the mount from doing it? Right now I am stack babysitting my rig over the course of the session so I can click yes, when I get an error msg Mount parked or stopped tracking. PLEASE HELP

does the ZEQ25 have a park position? The CEM25P does not and therefore there is no way an Unpark command can be set off for my mount., even the iOptron Commander (Mount Software) does not offer the possibility. But that’s the CEM25P. Have you checked the iOptron Commander, when the error happens, to see if the tracking field is checked? Also check the communications protocol in the commander to see if the mount is sending a park commander a stop tracking command.

I’ve been following the different posts and I wonder if maybe you have a cable issue. Maybe a faulty connection, RS232 adapter or connector that causes some sort of signal failure which is then wrongly interpreted by the software. I’ve had that happen to me before. Have you contacted iOptron about the issue?

As Chris stated before, if SGP receives the signal that your mount has stopped tracking or is parked, then SGP cannot just ignore that signal and carry on regardless, as that could lead to all kinds of complications.

Hope you find the issue.


Thank you Allen

You are absolutely right, zeq25 does not have a park positions, that’s why I am even more confused that I get this error msg I am really at loss. I can recheck my cables, that’s allways a thing to do. Am not sure how to check the commands
send by the mount, pls let me know if you have any ideas

Thank you


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