How to use the Dithering Options?


I need a help…. I am trying to use the Dithering option, but in the Manual don’t explain how options Small, Medium, High, Very High and Extreme Dither are be used.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Most guide scopes will be a short focal length but you can use this same guide scope with a short or long focal length main telescope. If you chose ‘Very High Dither’ setting and your guide scope is attached to an F4 main scope the dither operation will move the mount/main scope ‘X’ amount, if the same dither option is used with an F15 main scope which has a much narrower field of view then ‘Very High’ setting ‘COULD’ actually move your target out of the field of view altogether or leave it half in and half out of frame.

I use a 400mm (F5) guide scope piggy backed on a 10" Newtonian (F4), I could use any setting I like due to the very wide field of view I have in the main scope and all will be fine.

Experiment with all the settings, Slew to a target, start guiding, try one of the higher settings and check the images SGP gives you, you’ll soon see if your setup will need this setting lowered.



For an existing sequence, go to Control Panel/Autoguide tab/Dithering
options. From there you can choose what size dither to use.

Once you know what size dither you want be sure to update your equipment
profile(s) so that you don’t have to enter the option every time for a new


Thanks pscmnp,

I use a 200mm f/4 guide scope piggy backed on a 530mm f/6.6 refractor, would be I have to try all the options? always starting with the highest option?.




Thank you joelshort, is what I’m doing, but I do not know which option to use. Any light, if I use a 200mm f/ 4 guide scope piggy backed on a 530mm f/ 6.6 refractor.




I would suggest a small or medium dither. Since you are using a smaller
focal length guidescope your dither will be larger in the 530mm refractor.
So while the guidescope will dither a small amount, the effect will be
larger in your images.


I appreciate your help very much, I’ll start with those options …