IC 2177 - Seagull Nebula


Much less time on this than I would have liked - but it turned out OK, I think …

Full resolution image and acquisition details here: http://www.kinchastro.com/ic-2177---seagull-nebula.html


It’s more than “OK” Kinch. Good job!


@joelshort Thanks Joel


Hi Kinch, excellent image!
Next up on my list.


Thanks Mark. Unsure where you are of whether or not it will be available. Here (Spain) it now only shows itself for probably less than 3 hours now before it gets too low for imaging. Good luck with it whenever you get to do it. With the weather last week - I called a halt sooner than I had hoped. Also my reducer probably was not sitting right - I had star elongation to contend with when processing this. It was more experience for me - having to work on that particular problem :sweat: … but as I said, it turned out OK and that is what it is all about :smile:


Good work Kinch - beautiful image.


@BarryWilson Thanks very much Barry - appreciate you looking in.