IC2169 and Friends


This image of IC2169, vdB79, LBN903, IC446, NGC2247, and NGC2245, in Monoceros is near the more famous Cone Nebula.

This image consists of LRGB data simultaneously captured from two scopes: My CFF 250RC at f/6 with a Moravian Instruments G3-16200M camera, and a Stellarvue SV80ST with a QHY163M camera.

In total, there is over 29 hours of data for this image, processed with PixInsight.


Very nice, EXCELLENT, Joel! I bet it took you more than 29 hours to process all of the data. :smile: One day I hope to be able to process images half as good as this one.



Thanks Mark. Indeed this is the 3rd processing rendition, and I probably
spent more than 30hrs doing it.


You have managed to retain the star colors very nicely. A great image of this target.



For the RGB portion of this image, I used Pixinsight’s new ArchsinhStrech
tool. It does a fantastic job of retaining color. Believer it or not, I
actually DE-saturated some of the red stars because they were too obnoxious.


Excellent image, Joel!

I have played a little with ArcsinhStretch but have yet to get a good result with it. The blacks either end up clipped or the image looks washed out. It seems to impart a harshness to my images that I don’t like. Your image looks great, however. Maybe I just need to play with it more.



Thanks Glenn. ArcsinhStretch is extremely powerful and can easily ruin
things. I’m no expert either. However there’s a few things I have

First of all, use ArchsinhStretch mostly just on RGB data. What I have
typically done is used ArcS on just the RGB image and use other stretching
methods for the LUM. For this image I did use ArcS on the LUM data, but
very sparingly. Since the RGB data can be heavily smoothed, the little
black dots and other artifacts I see with ArcS can be smoothed out.

After clicking on “estimate black point”, and showing the clipped pixels, I
always need to move the slider to the left until there are just a few
clipped pixels showing.

Run ArcS in two or three passes instead of all at once.


Thanks Joel. I will try out your suggestions. Again, nice image!