IC434 Mozaïc Ha


Hi !

Some rare night without cloud or rain this end fall over Paris, france.

Sadly, a big temperature inversion created a huge smog over the city.

stable but not very clear so.

This is a mozaïc of 2x2 panels with a 200/900 mm newtonian carbon

with a qsi 683wsg8 and astrodon 5nm Ha filter over an unguided GM1000 HPS from 10 micron.

All subs 10 minutes , 2 to 3 hours each panel over 2 nights fully automated with sgpro (without any problems, just had to set the begining and end of mosaic activity over the night beside sometime autocentering platesolve was failing, the
recovery process did its jobs perfectly.) So the whole aquisition process was left alone during these2 nights.
The unguided 10 micron mount helped a lot here because no need to worry about the autoguiding calibration process or clouds/trees passing in the FOV. This add to robustness Of the process.
One thing i saw is during certain focus runs, alnitak was fooling the HFR calculation thus scrambling a bit the V curves.

Processin under pixinsight for calibration registration and mosaicing (mosaicing againts a syntetic star field)

many thanks to david ault for its nice tutorial and pix script ! (http://trappedphotons.com/blog/?p=994)
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Very nice! Thanks for sharing.



That is really nice! I don’t often see horsehead complete with the nebulous area left and above the head.