Image Rotation with display HFR = Problem?


I open a picture and I visualize the HFR information. When I rotates the image in one direction or the other , the information HFR do not rotate with the image, as they remain in the aperture of the image.

Real problem or development choices ?

thanks in advance



Real problem… the consequences of the issue are just not significant enough to put time into fixing it right now…


Exact Ken, this problem does not affect the normal operation of SG Pro. If the problem can be corrected in a future release, it would be impeccable.
I found this problem because I use a QHY10 CCD. When transferring the images, they are displayed vertically. To see the entire picture, I turn it 90 °. And when I visualize the value of HFR, the problem is there.

Is it possible to add in a future version, an option to automatically rotate the image during the progress of the sequence (-90°, 90°, 180°)?

This option could also be interesting for those whose camera is rotated mechanically in the focuser for mechanical reasons or for a better balancing weight.

Big thanks