Image Statistics Question


I may have missed it in the manual but I was running a series of autofocus tests this evening and noticed that in the image statistics module, at the end of the autofocus routine, the last set of STARS FOUND and HALF FLUX RADIUS values displayed are the highest star count and lowest HFR during each autofocus run. Is this as it should be?


After running through all the positions, the AF routine returns the focuser to its best recommended position and takes a final image. It uses this position to compute values to compare with what it expects these to be at that position. So I would expect that they would also be the best of any images taken during the series.


Thanks for the clarification…so I assume the occasional error message after autofocus is generated because the position it came up with differs (hopefully only slightly) from the final check it made.


Yes, it is double checking that it has come up with a good position. If the final values are worse by more than some % (I think about 10%) it puts up the error message, which self closes. Just a sanity check.


Makes sense. If the error pops up more often I may try backlash correction for my Moonlite focuser.