Imaging stopped for unknown reason


last night I encountered a multiple stops. I barely had any data to work with at the end of the seesion

It’s hard to describe what happened. but I’ll try.

first of all. I did image the same target. using the same sequence (I reset it last night), and using the same equiptment. and it did image for 7 hours non stop. so not sure what happened last night.

at the start of the session. the sequence started normally. Auto focus. then PlateSolve. then it started to image. the first 6 images was OK. after that it stopped. and massage down the bar says waiting for guider to settle. (I think it was around 9:30 or 10PM, and stayed there for about 2 hours I think)

when I discovered that it stopped. I tried to resume, but I couldn’t. I had to shut down SGPro and restart it again.

this time after the restart only the first image was OK. then for some reason the next image was showing that it’s imaging. (I mean in progress) but the camera wasn’t (I know because there’s a light that should turn off when the camera is imaging)
when the fake imaging ended. it couldn’t download it ofcourse. and hangged there.

I restarted my laptop. then started over. and watched the first two images and everything went fine. so I went to sleep. and woke up and saw that it stopped again…

so not sure what happened.

I will upload 2 logs for SGPro. hope it shows something…