Implement skype


I have see the notification is only via email, but if a guy have remote observatory, and if he going to sleep maybe hard to hear a mail incoming on phone.
I think that receiving a phone call is easier to hear(not like single ring of mail incoming) if there are problem on sequence!
Is bossible to implement it? Via internet is all without payment.


I don’t think this is something we’d be interested in taking on. However you could parse the Text File output for notifications or configure a system that listens for an email and forward that on to skype.



Sorry jared…
My think is that: if something don’t work…I don’t need to recieved the notice by skype…
If my observatory call me, i’m going to se whats happen…
If I recieved a mail on phone, I don’t think I(and a lot of peaple too) hear it cause the phone don’t ring (normaly) for a mail…and maybe lost a night for that :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer :wink:


To piggy back on this, adding an option for users to manually enter in a web address (or IP or something) to POST the notification messages to in JSON form would be very useful. Users could write a program to listen for updates on a specific port for a given IP and then do whatever they want with the data that gets posted (Skype, email, Discord, etc.)

I think this would be a better option than implementing a product-specific notification feature because just posting data and allowing the user’s program to do whatever they want is significantly more useful and flexible.


I agree :slight_smile:


I was almost just waiting for you to bring this up :smiley:

We’ll be making significant changes to our API in the future. I don’t really want to add more to the current API until that point. No, I don’t know when that will happen.



Awesome. Thanks. Glad to hear that. Being able to automatically handle issues and errors with a script will be like a dream come true. I’ll finally be able to sleep without having to worry lol