Import/Export Targets/Sequence to CSV/xml

SGP works so well for me lately I firstly have to say thank you for that, and the new Beta.

I have only one feature request which would dramatically improve composition time on large projects where I can use a spread sheet to manipulate data and slash the time-consuming mouse clicks required when dealing with hundreds of control parameters in a large project.

The mosaic tool is great and easy way to start a composition but it doesn’t scale up well.

I could use a simple import/export of targets and co-ordinates to a CSV file format with any suitable delimiter or format that tools like Excel (or a database) can understand.

Putting in an binning, filter , delay, duration, exposures even better.

If an entire sequence, or even just its’ non-profile elements, could be exported to any simple CSV format, such that it can be amended and or cloned and re-imported faithfully, that would be perfect (and probably impossible).

As I understanding you are considering supporting sequence chaining or a sequence control hierarchy or such, this feature also covers a similar area of supporting ‘larger’ project requirements.

Gee … not asking much huh? I’m a code monkey too so it would probably be easier to deliver xml and I would happily take that too :slight_smile:

Many Thanks

** I looked at the SGF file format, but without a schema beyond me, and the available API’s which
seemed to be all control related.

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Currently you can import from a handful of formats but it doesn’t support sequence level events. If you’re taking the same events for each target you can copy those events from one target to the next.

I’m not completely sure what a complete CSV sequence import would look like. Seems that things could get pretty muddled with multi target and multiple events per target.

Also the new SGF files are JSON so they should be much easier to parse and even hand modify (this is an unsupported action!) but should be possible.


JSON is perfect.